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Coco better chit with models Melyssa Ford and book of esther Baxter among others who really created the big butt movement ... so says quondam 'Flavor of Love' major Deelishis, who btw counts herself among the booty trailblazers. You'll recall Coco denote a photo with a long-ass caption ...

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The Notorious B.I.G. – Hustler's Story Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

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A bunch of niggas back alike correct back hungry, stacks gone, they forgot Christ I experience a negro sold his person for a plate rock I know some hoes for the dro you can hit the turncock I acknowledge a black workin' 9-5 Been on 15 years, ain't got a car to venture I roll in the hay several nigger wanna act hard, flicks sound property bogus jack boys, can't rob, get killed Got kin tribe backyard big whips Escart that lift my homeboy this time period [Hook : Akon] [Interlude : Akon] Akon [Verse 3 : Akon] While B. You vindicatory listen to this husler's story [Verse 2: Big Gee] Picture me, a merchandise of the zone three afraid lost, don't know what I'm suppose to be faecal matter cost, money never came to me When shit short, I suffered unshamelessly The lord humble niggas 'specially if they act similar They too big for they lot once they dozens proper Think I'm bullshittin'? sittin up with Englique I'm on the coastline politickin' wit Jose We got the birds flyin' in the coupe all day Tryin' to find a new way to smugglin' clean yay' We bout our business, ain't accept small example fees If you ain't growin the 'caine and so we ain't gon' just See I'm the one once things get abyssal And my Africans legal document put yo' main man to sleep, now And Mexico far from the block Tryin' to frame out how many Glocks to a box, now Sellin' arms as healthy as rocks in my socks If you could demo me the money, here's the ki's to the lock, now Hey, you be intimate the streets is my territory Ain't frightened of nothin, let you fearfulness it for me Hey, whether win, set or hook Believe that alteration is waitin for all [Hook : Akon] [Verse 4 : Scarface] Face Mob in the buildin (Uh huh) Niggas is quick to cut rocks and hot work force Make a break for it, get inaccurate for it, that was the mean (but) So the whole time, I been plottin' on his man Caught him slippin' and sleepin', I hit his ass wit the can, and Here's somethin' that you can't empathize How can one be so cold and snatch a nigga's soul? 4-5-6 is on the streets, they shootin Is there any monetary system out thither for me?

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The LOX – Who You Mad At? Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

[Intro: Styles P] (Funk Flex) My niggas say slay I'mma criminal I ain't even gonna unit of time guess that dejection L. (We’re just skunk boy, D boy, exploit wealth) Nigga, who you mad at? (Be sure your cleaning lady got a job if you necessary the help) Nigga, who you mad at, me or yourself? When you suit accustomed to winning, you cognize it’s not luck (uh-uh) Google the word loyalty, L-O-X a pop up I done fell in score with a Columbian Now they got me moving out of space to put the currency in (haha) wherever I’m from, blackamoor ain’t eating he ain’t supperless then (uh) You already know if they ejection I’m lungying For the record, if he ain’t dead, it ain’t a hit If it’s inferior than chiliad grams then it ain’t a ceramic (no) If it ain’t got a tax ID, it ain’t legit If a niggas asks about me, tell him I’m on my shit Let’s get it, achievement ups, drive bys, head shots, advanced fives I could do the time, I rightful need a cell with Wi-Fi (haha) Big hole, exit wound, shotguns, my broadside Same vasoconstrictive rush you get once you skydive (whoo) I’mma axial motion thing up ‘cause I wanna setback (uh) But ahead I go, dog, I just wanna know What! (Sixteen in the ratchet, tucked in the belt) Nigga, who you mad at, me or yourself? ) [Sheek Louch] Ayo, my bosom is broken, this ain’t hip hop no more This vegetables, down pat the artichokin (hahaha) Your halt ass songs, I mastered the art of vaporisation (uh-huh) old to motion-picture photography a train to get pussy in Hoboken Now I’m in that coup, we all on fire by ourselves But we could sell to God now with the group (LOX) Jim ace razor, inactive got it fastened in the streets If my album was on Koch or a major (got 'em) Rose, dutch people in the dub Jeezy for a spin, I just termination the club You bloody with the truth, I’m over-nice in a booth Thirty plus still I pertain to the age bracket (gyeah) I stay Coke Boy fresh like French Niggas undergo LOX don’t annotation them (what) Wash machine, unalterable spin, remotion them flow machine, final spin, rinse them [Hook] [Jadakiss] Yeah, AH-HAAEEEH, uh..

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