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Maxi Diag US703 Product Features & Functions Troubleshoots engine, ABS, transmission and airbags codes spherical OBDII/EOBD coverage(US, Asian & European) Powered by Uni-SCAN subject with no adapters to buy Supports all nina from carolina test modes of the latest J1979 OBD II trial spec Retrieves nonproprietary (P0, P2, P3, and U0) and business concern specific (P1, P3, and U1) codes Displays DTC definitions on organization crt screen Views freeze frame data Displays O2 sensor accumulation as well as live datastream parameters Data graphing C (1996 and newer) Reads, stores & playbacks live sensor information Memory/battery backup for off-vehicle data literary criticism and analysis Performs modules ubiquitous test Retrieves vehicle information (VIN, CIN and CVN) Supports all circulating OBD-II protocols, including CAN (Controller Area Network) exceedingly easy to use and highly reliable Trilingual supportf English, Spanish, land or remaining combinations package upgradeable via the cyberspace Built-in OBD-II DTC lookup library Prints data via PC. Product name: airbag resetting and anti-theft code reader net weight: 5kg Application:when an explosion occurs in an airbag or the srs light-coloured is off on accidentally, usually the airbag controller should be replaced since the traditional tools cannot clear the difficulty code. Functions:airbag resetting anti-theft code scholar Features:big revelation screen, quick and convenient. Vehicle coverage solid ground vehicles including CAN-BUS. Actually, the controller can be old normally again aft the happening encode is cleared, if there is no damage to the controller? Read/write and prevention the memory of the airbag presently not supported. Memory/battery backup for off-vehicle accumulation review and analysis 14. Vw airbags can be restored by k-line and obd-ii line.

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Autel MaxiDiag EU702 OBDII EOBD CAN Code Reader

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Is an innovative multi-functional scan slave powered by Autel Uni-SCAN technology, is designed for technicians to troubleshoot engine, transmission, ABS and airbag systems for major denizen vehicles. This scan pecker not lone is affordable, trustworthy and easy to use, but it is also a time recoverer as well as a wealth maker.

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US.00 - MaxiScan JP701 Code Reader for Japanese vehicles

JP701, an ground-breaker multi-functional scan implement powered by Autel Uni-SCAN™ technology, is designed for technicians to troubleshoot engine, transmission, ABS and airbag systems for major nipponese vehicles. This glance over tool not only is affordable, reliable and easy to use, but it is too a time saver and as healthy as a money maker. · Troubleshoot and broad engine, transmission, airbag, and ABS failures for prima altaic language vehicles · spheric OBD II/EOBD coverage(US, Asian & European) · activity off engine, transmission, ABS, airbag warning lights · influence all nine effort modes of the latest J1979 OBD II mental testing specs, including Read Codes, wipe off Codes, elastic Data, Freeze Frame, I/M Readiness, O2 Mon. Test, Component mental measurement and Vehicle knowledge · OBD II repair aggregation · show DTC definitions on organization screen · find ECU information (VIN, CIN and CVN) · data point graphing · Read, computer hardware & playback living data · CAN enabled with no adapters to buy · Memory/battery backup for off-vehicle data review and psychoanalysis · Extremely easy to use and highly time-tested · Software upgradeable via internet · Print data via PC-link a) Items design be sent to all the countries o'er the world.

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